Business Model
The unique business model of Feishang is to aim at potential becoming top three enterprises in the industry, make the investment, integrate and re-organize them through merger and acquisition, explore the enterprise value, seek to list them in domestic or foreign capital markets, realize the asset securitization and then integrate resources with the platform of listed companies, extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain for industrial operation, and finally realize the goal of maximizing the enterprise value.
Exploration and Mining
Global exploration and mining of mineral resources (Feishang Mining Industry, South America and Africa Mineral Products)
Coarse Smelting and Refining
Copper smelting enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and superior geographical location (Feishang Copper Industry, Bolivian Mining and Metallurgy)
Intensive Processing
Intensive copper strips processing enterprises which represent the highest level of national technology and whose products can replace imported ones (Kingswood Share)
For example, in the non-ferrous metal industry, it has extended to the upstream and downstream of the industry based on the platform of listed company of Kingswood Share, and then created a complete industrial chain covering the upstream, midstream and downstream from copper exploration, mining, copper smelting, primary processing to fine processing.
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