Core Competitiveness
The core competitiveness of Feishang is an important ability accumulated by Feishang Group during its long-term industrial investment and industrial operation practice and differentiates Feishang from any other investment institution, which includes perspective business vision, resource integration platform and capital operation ability.
Perspective Business Vision
Accurately grasp the development cycle of the industry with keen insight into investment opportunities of the industry to find and release in advance the potential, undiscovered or undervalued business value.
Resource Integration Platform
Maintain good relationship with social resources including government, securities companies, fund management companies, media and external expert team, etc., excellent corporate culture and corporate culture integration ability and increasingly mature business management team.
Capital Operation Ability
Manage enterprise with “Dual-Wheel Drive” business philosophy, strong and powerful capital operation team, sufficient cash flow of real economy and industrial fund to drive the ultra-convention development of real economy.
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