The Landscape Cultural Metaphor
The “cultural character” is the cultural orientation and cultural characteristics of Feishang Group. It expounds the origin of corporate culture of Feishang and the basis of its cultural selection; it describes the cultural symbol of Feishang and presents its cultural individuality.

Origin of culture. The macro external environment where Feishang lies in is experiencing a historical “transformation”, and several management cultures coexist, impact and blend with each other, as well as being restricted and clashed with each other. On this background, corporate culture construction of Feishang as a micro component of the social system also faces the problem of management culture selection. At the level of fact judgment, Feishang has been recognizing and following the general rules and general technologies of enterprise operation and organization management based on scientific principles, and using the experience and knowledge that has been proved by practice for reference; at the level of value judgment, Feishang has chosen the intersection of multiple management cultures based on the functional requirements of organization coordination, people’s cohesion and enterprise survival and growth; from the perspective of internationalization, it has chosen the values and cultural principles that are inclusive, widely applicable and long-lasting.
“Values” Culture
Advocate value creation; give employees more space for independent value innovation; make internal evaluation and incentive based on the principle of value contribution.
“Growth” Culture
Powerful goal drive, and strong sense of excellence; advocate and pursue efficiency; powerful and effective pressure mechanism and power mechanism; flat and flexible organization structure, and fast and flexible organization operation.
“Youth” Culture
There is vitality, courage, enthusiasm and energy; simple and transparent organization atmosphere; open and active team mentality.
“Rationalism” Culture
Lay emphasis on science and methodology, present reasons and procedure; treat work with professionalism, build consensus based on facts, prevent risks with calm, and handle conflicts with temperance.
“Mountain” and “water” are the cultural symbols of Feishang, and indicates the corporate spirit and cultural individuality of Feishang.
Mountain - solemn and serene: symbolize that Feishang Group values responsibility and credit.
Mountain - hard and permanent: symbolize that Feishang Group adheres to its philosophy and aims.
Mountain - stretching and meandering: symbolize that Feishang Group has high aspirations and broad mind.
Mountain - luxuriantly green: symbolize that Feishang Group incorporates things of diversity, rich and colorful.
Water - silent and lubricant: symbolize that Feishang Group keeps a low profile while benefiting all stakeholders.
Water - constant dripping wears away stone: symbolize that Feishang Group is firm and indomitable, dedicated and pragmatic.
Water - vast and magnificent: symbolize that Feishang Group gathers resources and seizes the momentum.
Water - clear and pure: symbolize that Feishang Group operates in an open and transparent mode with clear and standard rules.
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