The First Strategic Transformation
The first strategic transformation began in 2000, since which it transferred from the capital market and entered into the industrial field, with acquisition of corporate shares and listed companies as the strategic target.
Feishang Group took over Fujian Dongbai Group and acquired Anhui Xinke Materials, Wuhu Port, Hengxin Copper and Wuhu Feishang Non-metal Materials Limited, etc., among which “Kingswood Share” and “Wanjiang Logistics” have completed IPO in China’s A-share market, and Feishang Non-metal has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, while Wuhu Feishang Industry has developed into the largest private enterprise in Anhui Province and realized the great-leap-forward development within two years.

Among them, “Xinke Copper” is a national key high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise in Feishang’s copper industry chain, whose high-precision strip products represent the highest technical level of national copper strips and can replace those imported products and is the price vane of national high-precision strips.
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