Corporate Mission
Prospering the Nation with Industry and Returning the Nation with Industry
Firstly, take customer value as the prerequisite and foundation, and seek after commercial value of the enterprises. Customer value is the basic purpose and benchmark of all business activities of Feishang, and is also the basic condition for the existence and development of Feishang. Feishang’s commercial value derives from both customer value and business efficiency, and can be fairly evaluated through the long-term capital market performance from a global perspective.
Secondly, take enterprise as the destination of employees and the platform of achievement, provide opportunities and conditions for the growth of employees, become a community of interests and destiny with employees, and make employees integrate the realization of their personal value with the growth of the enterprise.
Thirdly, take investment projects and member enterprises in the industry as carriers, undertake responsibility of industrial development, and drive the upgrading and progress of the industry - including optimization of industrial structure, transformation of industrial growth mode, improvement of industrial technology content, evolution of industrial value chain and progressive development of industrial value form. Feishang is a pioneer and leader of industrial reform and innovation.
Fourthly, carry on the dreams of several generations of Chinese entrepreneurs since modern times, catch up with patriotism in Chinese cultural tradition, and integrate our own business into the historical tide of China’s ongoing social and economic development and modernization. Feishang’s lofty purpose and ideal are to “prosper the nation with industry and return the nation with industry” for at least a century.
Fifthly, attach great importance to the common values of human beings, pay attention to issues affecting human society (such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental protection, energy consumption and human wellbeing), and fight tooth and nail for social progress and human happiness from an internationalization perspective.
Multi values pursued by Feishang: its internal value (shareholder value and employee value) is restricted and led by the external value (customer value, industrial value and social value); the higher and wider value is the prerequisite of the lower and narrower value.
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