Business Philosophy
The new characteristic philosophy of Feishang is the new business philosophy in the new era which combines Feishang’s advantages and business gains and losses over a dozen years with the great banner of Xi Jinping’s Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of New Era advocated by the Party Central Committee and upheld by all levels of Feishang Group.

Including: adhering to the comprehensive vision of “The Four Footholds”, upholding the business logic of “The Integrated Five Factors”, and practicing the strive concept of The Three “1+1=11” or The Three “Dual-Wheel Drive”
Four Footholds
The specific meaning of “The Four Footholds” of Feishang Group includes: the foothold of the global macroeconomic and industrial situation, the foothold of the national (including specific region) economic and industrial situation, the foothold of the development rules and trends of the industries involved and the foothold of the advantages of Feishang’s own enterprises and industries accumulated for years.

Upon the comprehensive analysis on these four dimensions, the advantages are utilized to define the directions, so as to screen out excellent enterprises with the potential of occupying the top three places in the field of segments globally under the creation of Feishang as its goal for large investment.
The Integrated
Five Factors
Upon successful advantage utilization for direction definition, Feishang Group adheres to the business logic of the integrated five factors, including administration, production, learning, research and capital, which means making the aggregation and layout of the global whole industry chain (“production”) around the key production factors to achieve the industry leader with the combination of preferential policy support from central and local governments (“administration”), building a listed company platform (“capital”) for each industry in cooperation with relevant universities and scientific research institutions of the strongest industry technology and R&D abilities (“learning” and “research”) as the talent and technology platform of the industry, making full use of this capital platform to effectively integrate the production factors and industrial operation factors to finally make the enterprises bigger and stronger and then become the leader and integrator in specific segment.
The Three“1+1=11”
or The Three “Dual-Wheel Drive”
What Feishang Group has been advocating is the concept of the pusher and the puller, that is, each industrial segment should have professionals as the puller and be led by outstanding talents in the industry, while the head office should be positioned as professionals in strategic layout, capital operation and compliance and considered as the pusher. Therefore, the first “1 + 1” is pusher + puller.
The second “1 + 1” is mechanism and culture. The mechanism means that the important management of subordinate enterprises of Feishang should have certain stock rights and options. Meanwhile, Feishang should standardize its subordinate enterprises’ business behavior based on the rules of listed companies, and strive to build a comprehensive and effective supervision mechanism to make all enterprises work together and try hard to win their best interests based on the correct business path, so as to realize the long-term and short-term incentive mechanism for the team and employees and facilitate the supervision mechanism with the goal of becoming listed companies to create an advantage mechanism for enterprises in the future.
Feishang has emphasizing the concept of “pusher + puller” internally, and subordinate enterprises of Feishang need to be merged and developed externally. Therefore, Feishang is driven by dual wheels of industrial operation and capital operation. The “industrial operation + capital operation” is the third “1 + 1” of Feishang. However, As the old adage goes “inner cultivation and exterior action”, without “inner cultivation”, there will be no “exterior action”, so the first “1 + 1” and the second “1 + 1” are placed in front, and they are the specific performance of inner cultivation, while the “1 + 1” of industry and capital is placed in rear, which means that the “exterior action” is based on the “inner cultivation”. Feishang is at the level of “capacity”, and a new philosophy of Feishang is defined with these three points.
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